Dr. Todd is the best chiropractor in town. He truly cares about his patients. My very first visit I threw my back out on a Saturday night and he opened his office that night to come and give me an adjustment along with a follow up the next day on a Sunday. I was in severe pain and he was able to get me back on my feet. I truly can’t believe how quickly I was feeling better. I would highly recommend Dr. Todd!-Christina P.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Todd for many many years now, since moving the Atlanta area. Dr. Todd is not only knowledgeable, but also kind, compassionate, and treats his patients like family. You’re not going to get turn-style medicine here; he knows you by name, your problems, concerned with your treatment, and takes his time getting the job done right. His staff is super nice and has a great massage therapist in the office and if you’re lucky, there just might be some sweet treats made by his wife.-Jay G.

Dr. Todd, I received a deep tissue treatment from Ness after our initial session and it was wonderful, and I believe the two of you make a phenomenal team. I am excited , as I feel with your help I can get back to where I was, if not better, and also become stronger physically with my body in its proper alignment, accompanied with tissue work. I am very thankful that there is a place for me to go so close as well as affordable, personable, and reputable as ChiroKennesaw is.-William J.

Dr. Todd has been our family’s Chiropractor for over 10 years now and we Love him! Their is no one else we trust. My daughter has been having adjustments with him since she was 6 years old! When we first came to see him I was suffering from some back pain and wanted to treat it naturally. From the first visit I felt so much better and in no time, I felt normal again. He’s wonderful!-Kathy D. 

By far one of the best adjustments I have had… Dr. Todd’s bedside manor and staff are simply amazing..I have been to may other chiropractors and NONE of them compare. He and his staff made me feel loved and appreciated. One can tell the passion Dr. Todd legitimately has for his patients and the chiropractic field.-Shari S.

I have been visiting Dr. Todd for a few years. He has been treating my wife for about 10 years. He treats you like a member of his family. He and his staff accomodate all your needs including interacting with children to make them feel at home. They really take time to get to know you and understand exactly what is necessary to help you. Dr. Todd has a vey cheerful and professional bedside manner. We appreciate everything Dr. Todd and his staff do for our family.-Larry K.

Dr. Todd has been my one and only chiropractor for about 12 years now. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients and it truly shows. He cares about each and every one of his patients and puts forth maximum effort to heal and alleviate any and all back and neck pain. Not only does he put forth maximum effort, but so does his staff in making you feel comfortable and welcome at his facility. I have spread the word to all of my friends and family in regards to his abilities, and now have 6 of my close friends and family as his clients. I would strongly recommend this chiropractor to anyone seeking help to alleviate any and all back and/or neck pain.-Brandon G.

When I walked in to the office of Dr Todd I could hardly move my neck without severe pain and I was desperate for relief, especially since I was a week away from a long anticipated vacation. I had to be sure that I chose the right doctor and I surely did. Dr Todd assured me that I was in good hands and that he would do his best to help me. True enough, I gained mobility and pain relief in just a few short visits. After my adjustments, I relaxed on a hydromassage bed, which would have been a treat pain or not, to relieve any soreness. As I head out for vacation, I have Dr Todd to thank for how great I feel. Dr Todd has a great ‘bedside manner’, his staff is friendly, and his prices are reasonable. I made the right choice choosing him for my chiropractor. I highly recommend him.-Arlene V.

I hobbled into his office, unable to stand or walk without help due to the pain in my back. 15 minutes later I practically glided back to my car, not only pain free but feeling better and more balanced than I had in years (and years and years and years). I started seeing Dr. Supnick a couple of times a week to try to undo all the misalignments I had due to years of neglect, and started immediately feeling an improvement in my quality of life in general. It’s amazing how much pain and discomfort we’re in without even realizing it, but under Dr. Supnick’s care I started to regain control of my body and movements. Unfortunately due to an unusually busy time of work related travel I haven’t been able to make it to his office, and I’m feeling it in a big bad way. I finally found the time to make an appointment for tomorrow, and can’t wait to start feeling at ease again!-Belen P.

I have been going to Dr Todd for almost 10 years and he is simply the BEST. Each visit I walk away feeling refreshed, he is wonderful and one of the most caring person I know. Relaxed facility, wonderful and friendly staff. I highly recommend him, he is a miracle worker.-Leng C.

AWESOME! I was in really bad shape with several ribs thrown out of place. Painful to move and breathe. Todd fixed me right up. Super nice guy that I highly recommend.-Danny G.

It is always nice when doctors see people as more than patients. Dr. Todd treats patients like family and friends, his chiropractic work is the cherry on top!-Louis P.

I blew out my back before Christmas and could barely walk so a Friend of mine recommended Dr. Todd and I’m very thankful for this as he had me fully healed within a couple weeks and as an added bonus, Dr. Todd has such a great personality that it was always a pleasure seeing him. I give him my highest recommendation.-Nick Maddox

Dr. Todd is the BEST chiropractor I have ever been to! I was in a car accident and he has worked miracles on the neck, arm and back. I can’t say enough about the great care, customer service and friendly staff Dr. Todd has working with him. I am so Thankful to have found his office. – Alicia K.

First off Dr. Todd is awesome at what he does. I could hardly stand up straight when I first went in because I hurt my lower back so bad but by the second adjustment my pain was gone. It was a drastic improvement in a week and I will never go to anyone else now. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle! -Clay Remole

When I stumbled into Dr. Supnick’s office I couldn’t sit or lay down without squirming in pain. After having abused my body with athletics up to the college level there was a night and day difference in how I felt after just one adjustment. My only regret is not having gotten an adjustment sooner! – Michael Northrop

Dr. Supnick is amazing!!! I have had foot pain in my left foot for over a year now – it felt like it needed to pop, but couldn’t. I previously went to an orthopedic doctor who suggested foot in-soles, but the pain continued. Once I went to Dr. Supnick, he thoroughly explained what chiropractic care is all about, and he gave me a full spinal adjustment. After leaving the office, I could not believe how much better I felt! Just after one adjustment, I was able to walk without pain. I would recommend Dr. Supnick, one of the nicest doctors I’ve met, to anyone with body pain. Not only will you feel pain relief, but you will be able to live a happier and healthier life 🙂 – Divya Achtani

Dr. Todd is a miracle worker. I practice dentistry for a living and have had persistent lower back pain for over a year. After seeing multiple medical doctors and physical therapists with minimal results, I decided to give Dr. Todd a try. Wow, I am so glad I did! Within 2 months, I have gotten a tremendous amount of pain relief with Dr. Todd’s help. He took the time to really listen to my problem set and get to the source of my lower back pain. I am now able to work weeks at a time pain free!!! Thank you so much Dr. Todd, you have restored my enjoyment of practicing dentistry and ultimately my overall quality of life. I cannot thank you enough. R. Smith

I have been seeing Todd Supnick for over 10 years now and I highly recommend him. I have tried at least 15 chiropractors over the years and Todd is by far the best chiropractor that I have tried. Todd gives a complete adjustment on each visit unlike other chirporactors who graduated from the local Marietta school of chiropractic. He is extremely adept at adjusting hard-to-adjust patients like me. Todd is also fantastic at adjusting the hands, wrists, knees, shoulders, and feet. – M. Butler, 56, Kennesaw, GA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Todd’s for six years, and he is fantastic! I have tendinitis in my left wrist, which caused me lots of discomfort until I began having Dr. Todd adjust my wrists. I highly recommend Dr. Todd. – L.T.

Dr. Todd is wonderful! I can’t say enough about his calm,caring and sweet ways. I had far less pain after my first visit. I will stick with him,for sure! – Barbara B.

I came to Dr. Todd several years ago with constant neck, upper and lower back pain as well as pain in my feet. I visited several other chiropractors and none of them were able to provide relief of this pain. Dr. Todd did the initial X-Rays and identified potential problem areas. He then began adjustments on a regular basis and my pain gradually disappeared (even in my feet!) His adjustment skills are like no other chiropractor I’ve experienced. I continue to go to Dr. Todd to maintain the alignment and continue to feel great. I highly recommend him to everyone I know seeking a quality chiropractor. – Jason Williams

Dr. Todd is a great chiropractor! I have suffered from lower back pain for almost ten years and every time Dr. Todd adjusts me, I feel instant relief… One of the many things that really struck me was on the initial visit when I was telling my story and pain symptoms that he really took the time to listen and get an understanding of my particular issues before he started doing adjustments. He really listened to me and really was focused on my healing. Then he adjusted my whole body, not just my back. He even does adjustments on my wrists and ankles… I have been to many different chiro’s, but Dr. Todd was the first to adjust my ankles and also point out the importance of good alignment from the ground up. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering with pain or wanting to improve their over all body alignment! – Bruce H.

Dr. Todd is a phenomenal Chiropractor.  He takes the time to get to know you and makes you feel extremely comfortable each time you see him.  At one time in my life I did not believe in Chiropractic care but being treated on a regular basis by Dr. Todd made me a believer. He takes the time to answer any questions you have and to educate you on the benefits of Chiropractic care. His gentle touch makes it easier to relax allowing one to get the best results possible from the adjustments. Not only is Dr. Todd an excellent Chiropractor, he is a wonderful human being.  He is kind, caring, friendly, and always greets you with a smile. I would recommend Dr. Todd to anyone who wants to receive treatments in a professional, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.  – Ingrid Grutzmacher

I am so thankful or Dr. Todd. Due to a fall in mid 2011 I was in constant pain for a whole year, until I was introduced to Dr. Todd. He has helped me to move from constant headaches and pain during daily activity to pain free range of motion. I can’t thank him enough for the best weekly adjustments. Ask for the head of the table move, it’s my personal favorite! – Shaina Horrell

I met Dr. Todd when I had shoulder issues. Being an ex-college wrestler, the injuries of my youth have come back to haunt me! Before Chiropractic care, I suffered from different health issues, such as  stiff, sore muscles or sore joints. Dr. Todd’s care has me able to complete workout regimen, which includes weight lifting, and cardio Kick Boxing without pain. My energy level has certainly increased! I feel blessed to be in Dr. Todd’s care. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens to their concerns and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional and mentally. All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic with Dr. Todd! I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care until I was treated. Now I am a frequent patient! – Charles Buckshaw

Excellent family oriented health care. Dr. Supnick takes care of our entire family and is as effective with our 11 year old daughters as he is with my wife. Not getting the results you want from your Chiropractor? Try Dr. Todd you will not be disappointed. – Peter W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Supnick for years. I suffer from chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia and pelvic misalignment that causes problems walking. Dr. Supnick’s spinal adjustments are magic!! I hobble in and walk out feeling 200% better. If you are looking to improve your overall health this is something you should consider. I have been highly recommending Dr. Supnick to family and friends for years. – Deborah H.

Dr Todd has been my chiropractor for over 10 years I don’t want to go to anyone else. I am difficult to adjust and he’s able to do it well. He is also an all-around good guy communicate with. Which I think is important for medical practitioners.- Mark lewis

You have got to go and see Dr. Todd! I started to go to him because I walk in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day for the Cure. With all of the training and long distance walking that I do, my hips (and therefore my back) get out of whack constantly. Dr. Todd always gets me back in alignment to go out and mess up his work again! Thanks Dr. Todd – you’re the best! –  Carol L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Todd’s for over 10 years. As a former collegiate soccer player that still plays today, I have and still do put quite a beating on my body. As a result, I have chronic back and extremity issues. Dr. Todd is the only medical professional that I have come across that can consistently relieve my pain and get me right back on the field. At one point during my senior year, I severely sprained my ankle in a practice the day before one of our biggest games of the season. My athletic trainer told me I would be sidelined for four weeks minimum. That afternoon I saw Dr. Todd, he adjusted my ankle, and I was able to play the very next day. The whole training staff was blown away! I highly recommend him! – Brett Wooten

I’ve been seeing Dr. Todd since 2001 for chronic back, neck and shoulder problems due to the effects of scoliosis and torticollis. Dr. Todd is an excellent chiropractor and takes a real genuine interest in his patients as patients and also as people. Over the years we have seen a tremendous improvement in my scoliosis curvature. Additionally, I have seen him for back and neck pain during all four of my pregnancies and he has also adjusted my husband, children and my father. I trust him with my health and my loved ones. Dr. Todd always knows just what my body needs to get back in line. Thanks for being awesome Dr. Todd! – Maria Duran

You are not going to find any other place as welcoming and accommodating as this one.  I’m a single mother of two and there is a play corner that my kids are able to play in as I get my adjustments. The kids love coming in to see Dr. Todd and are actually very comfortable getting adjusted as well. I usually feel better if not instantly, than a few hours later. In this office you aren’t just another patient, Dr. Todd takes the time to actually get to know you. If you have the time you should definitely try his water table. It’s amazing. I have and will continue to recommend this office to any of my friends who need a chiropractor! – Danielle Kellough

Dr. Todd’s office is full of professional, caring people who have helped me get over some pretty bad back pain. There have been at least two major events in which I was in pain and needed help. Dr. Todd came to the rescue and showed me the value of chiropractic care as well as massage therapy. In addition to this, he is not pushy but very consultative. He gives guidance as to the “why” behind his methods and makes you feel at ease. Thanks for all you do for me!! – Jeremy Bill

I have known Dr Supnick for many years, and as a Chiropractor myself, I appreciate his abilities. He is one of the most caring and uplifting docs I have ever known. I would put my spine in his capable hands anytime with full confidence. Dr todd excels at helping others meet their full potentials with his skill as a doctor and his professionalism. – Terry James

Dr. Todd has an incredible gift as a Chiropractor. He always makes you feel incredibly welcome and comfortable before any appointment. His practice not only is an amazing place to make you feel better but also very relaxing. Dr. Todd cares about his patients immesurabley and truly is the best CHIROPRACTOR in georgia.– Amanda Peoples

I have been to a lot of chiropractors sense I moved here from New york in 1995 and there is no one more friendlier and professional as Doctor Todd. I have been seeing Dr. Todd for about 8 years now and I would ‘t use anyone but Dr. Supnick. As soon as you walk in the office everyone greats you with a friendly smile. Going to CCK It’s like going to a family members house, you know the good one where you can go and talk about daily events and joke around. Dr. Todd he is one of those all around good guys and a great Chiropractor. – Robert Rainbow

I have been to chiropractors my entire life and when I met Dr Todd 14 years ago he changed my life.  I am a champion roller skater and have had all sorts of issues over the years.  Dr. Todd fixed all of them and not only that, kept me and my family healthy the entire time.  I refer everyone I know to him.   As the owner of Sparkles Roller Skating Rinks, I think to be the best skater you can be, you need to see Dr. Todd, he will make you fastest skater on wheels.    He is the BEST and if you want the best call him.  He cares about you personally and professionally, and even on the weekends and after hours, I can call him anytime.  I found my last chiropractor, and that’s him. – Jeff Couey

I have been a chiropractic patient since I was a young boy. Over the years I have seen my share of chiropractors and I have to say that Dr. Todd is the best by far. Over the years he has, successfully, treated me for lower back pain, a shoulder injury, and tension headaches. I feel much better when I see Dr. Todd every few weeks. When I miss adjustments I begin to feel tension in my neck shoulders and back as working at a desk for a living tends to take its toll on me. Long story short… Chiropractic treatment is a key to healthy living and Dr. Todd is a master practitioner. Expect to be welcomed as family and I highly recommend the wave massage bed. After your adjustment it will melt away all of the stress and tension that life can bring. – R. Isaac

Dr Todd Supnick is the best chiropractor I have been to in the last 15 years. I have tried many chiropractors in this area and Dr. Todd is by far the best. He gives complete adjustments (unlike other chiropractors I have been to) and is skillfully and painlessly able to adjust hard-to-adjust people like me. He is skilled at adjusting extremities, like ankles, knees, wrists and shoulders. He is also a very kind and generous person. I highly recommend him. – Margaret Moore Butler

Feel well in twenty minutes! Dr. Supnick excels in the knowledge, skill and personal attention needed to re-align your body.  He is a master of distinguishing between localized pain – or – what may be symptoms of a larger malady.  I have always found him to be honest in his assessments and treatments; always cautious but also confident in his abilities.  I heartily recommend a consultation and a treatment! – George Butler

Dr. Todd is the best chiropractor.  He listens to all your needs and its apparent helping his patients is his priority.  Highly recommend going to see him! – Cynthia Stelzner

I have had chronic lower back pains for several years now and Dr. Todd is the only chiropractor who has been able to help keep my pains at bay. – David Hanson

He has got me feeling like I can live again. Great guy too! – George David

Simply the best.  Dr. Todd is a very caring, kind and patient Chiropractor.  Everyone he meets becomes an instant friend. I’m so pleased to be working with him.  Dr. Todd adjusts me just about every Friday and he always listens to what is going on with me and he never rushes through a visit.  Dr. Todd doesn’t do the standard adjustment and then send me out the door.  I am a Massage Therapist, and he also adjusts my elbows and hands.  He’s wonderful! –Wendy Poteat

My shoulder had been “out” for a month and was giving me great discomfort. I have been adjusted several times by other Chiropractors and they couldn’t correct it, although they tried and caused even more irritation. I befriended Dr. Todd and asked him to give my shoulder a try….. He effortlessly put my shoulder back in alignment and I have been feeling MUCH better!! Thank you so much Dr. Todd -Lori H.

I’ve known Dr. Supnick for years.  He is passionate about making patient-care a top priority in his practice.  His attention to wellness is a daily walk for him–and he brings that attention to his patients.  If your research centers on finding a doctor that listens; encourages input from his patients; and leverages technology, research, and continuing education then you will find each at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw with Dr. Todd Supnick! -Tori White

I came to Dr. Todd with severe neck/shoulder pain that dates back to an accident I had about 6 years ago. Even though I could barely turn my head, he was able to adjust me comfortably and provided me with some instant relief. I have been going back to him ever since, and he has really helped get me back to normal. If you are looking for a great chiropractor who knows what he’s doing, this is the guy to see. -Elise Patterson

Before being treated by Dr. Todd, I had little belief in the effectiveness of chiropractic care. Six weeks after the day I walked through the door, my back problem had been cured. Dr. Todd Supnick made me a believer, and improved my quality of life immensely.-Brandon Ketchum

My daughter has scoliosis and she was in pain everyday. We’ve been seeing Dr. Todd for almost 7 months. Her pain has gone away and she’s more flexible now. It’s so good to see he happy and pain free. Thank you Dr. Todd and family we love y’all.-Kaleo Corish

I’ve been going to Doctor Todd for the past several years. I’ve always had problems with my back (car accident in college and other wonkiness) and I cannot imagine living my life without getting adjusted and having therapeutic massage. He has healing hands – I walk away feeling refreshed and aligned after each session. He’s also a fabulous person who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend his services!-Suzi Harris

Much praise has already been given to Dr. Todd, and I cannot think of another chiropractor who is more worthy of it than he is. There is an influx of bad chiropractors in the area, and his practice is a breath of fresh air in a polluted environment. I dealt with knee pain every day. I would wake up, know what was coming in the day ahead, and grin and bare it the best I could. Once I met with Dr. Todd, we figured out that my foot was the root of all the problems I was experiencing with my knee. He adjusted it, and the pain was gone right away. I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Todd truly cares about his patients and gives the kind of care that is all too hard to find these days. I would recommend him to anyone!-Evan Williams

Dr. Todd was very sympathetic to my needs and took great care of me and my husband. I plan to send my 16 year old as well.-Slim Jae

If you haven’t met these folks, then you should! I have got to tell you I am thrilled to have good people and a great atmosphere right here in my own backyard. Go see them and tell them I sent you! 🙂-April Saine

I started going to the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw on Cherokee. Dr. Todd Supnick has been awesome. I have a history of back pain and ankle problems, and I am feeling so much better. My back pain has reduced so significantly that I’m starting to work out again. And he has my ankle realigned to the point it’s no longer hurting when I walk, hoping to be able to take my kids around the walking trails soon! He is awesome. You won’t regret going if you are in need of chiropractic services!-Carey Gay

Dr. Todd is a wonderful Chiropractor and over the years has become a great friend. I have been going to Dr. Todd with chronic issues resulting from MS and scoliosis for almost six years now. I honestly believe that I would barely be able to walk without chiropractic care & therapeutic massage. Dr. Todd and his staff deliver the best and truly care and listen to their patients and their needs. I also trust him completely with my family and take my son to him as needed. If you are searching for a chiropractor, you can’t go wrong with Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw!
-Tina Lester

Dr. Todd is a great healer! Every time he adjusts me he takes the time first to ask questions about how I’m feeling and then he actually listens to the feedback I provide before he gives me a treatment. I have had chronic back pain in my lumbar spine for many years and I was feel a huge relief after he works on me. He even adjusts my ankles, wrists and hands! His facility is great and so is his staff. You can tell these people really care and really want to help ease the pain and facilitate the healing process anyway they can. Thanks Dr. Todd!-Lhasa Bodhi

My husband and I were looking for a chiropractor after we moved to the Kennesaw area. We picked Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw because it had such great reviews. After meeting Dr. Todd and his friendly staff, I totally understand why Dr Todd got such great reviews. He is a very caring and genuine person and an excellent chiropractor and has helped both my husband and me immensely. We look forward to our appointments with Dr. Todd!-Shelly Bowe

I went to Dr Todd after falling in my house and hurting my back and right hip… I tried two other Chiropractors and they weren’t able to help me. Dr. Todd helped me in the first visit.. He listened to me and didn’t rush me… to me, he is the best in Ga… Dr. Todd “You are the BEST”… Thanks so much again… I am your patient forever…-Julia Greenspan

I started seeing Dr. Todd over 4 years ago – I had done the Susan Komen 3 day and had a massage set-up with a company that went out of business so they were not there to honor my gift certificate.  Dr. Todd’s massage therapist offered for me to come see her after Carol L. told her what had happened to me. It was then I met Dr. Todd. He has taken care of me and my family – (husband, son, daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law). He has become an extended part of the family. He has taken care of all of us and does a great job! I would recommend him to help you and your families with their needs. He always goes above and beyond and works with you to make sure you are in a good place. There was 1 time out side of office hours and I was hurting really bad he took time out of his schedule to see me and get me to a point that I could walk enough to get around and then kept following up with me until I was standing up straight and back to normal. What a great bedside manner!!!! Thanks Dr. Todd for all you have done for me and my family!!!-Cindy H.

Dr Todd worked miracles with my back/hip pain.  Had been to an Orthopedic, gotten cortisone shots, only minor relief.  Once I starting getting adjusted the pain went away. I am a believer and highly recommend Dr. Todd if you are looking for a chiropractor or dealing with back, neck or hip pain.-Kay M.

Dr. Todd is an awesome chiropractor. He is gentle and caring about you and your well-being. His staff is also just as caring as he is. Five stars isn’t enough of a rating! Dr. Todd rocks!!-Cheryl H.

Dr. Todd has been my chiropractor for several years now. He has a gift for knowing how to gently adjust and gain great relief. His office is very nurturing and caring. He really knows how to treat his patients! I will never go anywhere else!-D.H.

I have known Dr. Todd Supnick personally and professionally for many years and I am convinced there is no other chiropractic professional that matches his passion, enthusiasm, and skill to his craft. From the moment you walk into the office you feel as if you are in very capable hands – and you are. Dr. Todd truly listens to his clients, when you are with him you have his complete attention and all of your concerns are being addressed. Dr. Todd, and the entire staff, are very warm, accommodating, and personable. My family has had nothing but positive experiences. Simply put, Dr. Todd’s adjustments are simply marvelous; my wife and I have both benefited greatly from the unbelievable care that he provides. -Cliff E.

Awesome! Dr. Todd is very friendly and does excellent adjustments. His office is very relaxed and not pushy at all like other chiropractic practices I have been to. They are mostly concerned with your well-being, not your pocketbook. I would highly recommend to everyone.-Deanne R. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Todd to anyone looking for a great chiropractor. When I first started seeing Dr. Todd, I could hardly walk, turn over in bed, go from a sit to a stand and vice versa without wanting to cry from the pain in my low back. He is very compassionate and cares about his patients health and well being. My husband sees him as well along with my 3 daughters. Without the help of Dr. Todd, I think I would have been headed for back surgery. Thank you Dr. Todd for such great service!!-Teresa B.

Dr. Supnik is amazing. I have always had a problem with my lower back and within minutes he was able to target and treat it. I found out I had a rib out of alignment and he fixed it right up. I feel much better after only an hour. The office staff is so friendly and professional. I am glad I chose Dr. Supnick and look forward to future treatments.-Paris Y.

Dr. Todd, is amazing Chiropractor and is the only reason I can continously lift and carry kiddos doing my job on a daily basis as a special needs educator. Extremely thorough and really listen to his patience about what is bothering them and makes sure that the client is happy with their adjustment.-Rachel E. 

We LOVE Dr. Todd! I am very thankful for the chiropractic care my entire family receives through Dr. Todd’s practice. Dr. Todd gives awesome adjustments. I have received chiropractic care for more than 15 years in a variety of offices and in a number of different states. I can be very hard to adjust due to the fact that I tighten up when I am being adjusted. Dr. Todd is able to adjust me with ease every time!!! This is great as other adjustments I’ve received can sometimes create soreness and/or muscle spasms that take weeks to heal. Dr. Todd is truly gifted in the area of chiropractic care and we wholeheartedly recommend his care. IF YOU DESIRE A GREAT ADJUSTMENT….see Dr. Todd. -Paul W.

Dr. Todd is amazing. I had always been hesitant to see a chiropractor, but after 7 years with a career that requires standing on my feet 8-10 hours a day, I really needed some help. I am new to the practice, I’ve only been a patient for about a month, but the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw has honestly changed my life. While pain relief has definitely come, my experience with Dr. Todd has become more about connecting energetically in a movement toward health and balance. My mind is clearer, my energy level has increased and I feel comfortable in my own skin again. Dr. Todd and his team feel like family and I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. -Jenni C.

Great chiropractor, great atmosphere. Thanks for the adjustment. -Andrew S.

Dr.Todd is truly gifted. Truck drivers should know there are other options besides steroid injections and surgery. Dr.Todd loves what he does and it shows. My husband weighs 200 lbs the doctor was able to adjust him and offer relief within a few visits. My husband has a bulging disc which causes nerve pain. Dr.Todd is a rare find, the best in cobb county. Great family atmosphere, friendly caring staff, and and an A+ massage therapist. -Sandie B.

I found Dr. Todd of the Chrirolpractic Center of Kennesaw after taking a pretty hard fall. When I went into his office I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t stand up straight. Dr. Todd knew just what to do. He started off light and got me walking upright again. I have been continuing to go even though my back is nearlyn100% recovered. I’m a pretty big guy and Dr. Todd has stil been able to get me very well adjusted. The office staff is friendly and the environment is soothing. I highly recommend that you give Chriopractic Center of Kennesaw and Dr. Todd a try. -Matt M.