You know what tendinitis is because you suffer from it on a daily basis. Whether you suffer as a result of a sports related injury, or from constant and repetitive motions such as typing, all you know is that the pain is daily and at times seems merciless. Relief is something that you have dreamt of ever since your symptoms of pain and loss of motion appeared.Achilles Tendon

Ice, rest, and anti-inflammatory medicines and gels may have allowed for temporary relief, but you find that you are still searching for answers and more long-term relief. We urge you to try an alternative treatment for tendinitis. We are not the only chiropractic practice to offer alternative treatments for tendinitis, but we are the premier Kennesaw chiropractic office to handle this kind of pain.

Dr. Supnick is experienced in providing extremity adjustments. This is a great benefit as tendinitis usually take place at joints where the tendon connects muscle and bone. Common anatomical locations for those experiencing pain from tendinitis include the elbows, knees, hips, shoulders, base of thumb, and Achilles tendon.

If you have been suffering from tendinitis and traditional treatments are not working, contact the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw. Our staff will be glad to speak with you further and to schedule an appointment for you.