Stretching Matters

Do you ever wonder how you can help prevent your child from getting hurt at the gym? Or perhaps this applies to you as you visit the gym or begin training for your first 5K. No matter where you are in life, it is important to remember that stretching matters when it comes to children, teens, and adults involved in sports and training.

While many individuals are aware of the need for the recommended amount of physical exercise, injury can occur if muscles are not properly warmed up, stretched, and strengthened. The American Chiropractic Association points to the importance of a proper warm up, stretching period, and strength training to keep everyone involved in training and sports safe. When engaging in any form of exercise, be mindful of the following key ingredients for a workout that will keep you from feeling unnecessary pain!

Warm Up

Before beginning a walking, running, or other exercise program, get those muscles moving. Sometimes this can be in the form of walking a few laps, and doing some basic stretching in the form of simple stretches. This will not only increase body temperature, and therefore muscle temperature, but it will also get that heartbeat up as it begins to pump a little quicker. Suggested warm-up activities include:

  • toe touches (regular and inverted)
  • knee hugs
  • lunges
  • groiners

StretchingRest and relax

Warming up gets muscles ready to work, and stretching helps prevent injury in tight muscles. If you are prone to lower back pain, consider the following combination of stretches:

  • Supermans or cobras (three times)
  • Hamstring stretches

Strength Building

With any workout program, such as walking, running, or swimming, you are gauranteed an aerobic and cardiovascular workout. In addition to the cardio, make sure you are taking time to build strength as well. Free weights can be added in for simple shoulder and arm strength building after a run or swim. And don’t forget to take the time to work on those abs so that you’re back is not overcompensating for your core.

For additional tips in keeping safe when it comes to your time at the gym, check out what the American Chiropractic Association has to offer. And don’t forget to make your appointment with Dr. Supnick at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw to keep your body aligned during your training season.



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