Stress Relief

There are three types of stresses that people experience in life. Dr. Supnick of the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw recognizes that these stresses are physical, emotional, and chemical. With life throwing all that is thrown at us with financial stresses, time management stresses, and more, it is no wonder that a toll can be taken on ones emotions, or physical well being when they are not properly taking care of themselves. This can lead to a weaker immune system and leave one more vulnerable to negotiating their overall health and wellness.

An important study by Dr. Ronald Pero took place in the 1970’s. He determined that those undergoing chiropractic care had a much healthier immune system compared to those not undergoing chiropractic care. At the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we believe it is important to live life in a stress free manner. The American Chiropractic Association suggests the following for reducing stress in life:

Reduce Stress with Positive ThinkingThink Positively

There is power in thought life. After all, before actions become actions, they must be thought out. Negative thinking can be absolutely draining. While it may not always be easy to be full of joy and positivity given life’s circumstances, try living just one day looking at the glass half full rather than half empty. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Get Out and Enjoy Nature

With all of the stresses in life that people take on as students, spouses, employees, parents, and other roles, it is no wonder that time is not taken to get out and take in the fresh air. However, at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we can not emphasize how important this is. Whether going for a walk around the block, playing with the kids at the park, or taking a quick break for a picnic lunch, fresh air and nature will do more for your health than we often give credit.

Enjoy the Warmth of Human Touch

There are studies that show the positive effects that human touch and nurture has on babies. If this is true for those in the developmental stages, why can’t it be true for adults? Ask our staff massage therapists, and they will tell you how powerful human touch is. Massage therapy can reduce the stress associated with anxiety or depression.

Contact the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw today to begin reducing the stress in your life by boosting your immune system with chiropractic care or helping reduce stress through massage therapy.