Relieve Back and Neck Pain for Kids with Proper Device Posture

With the ever increasing presence of technology in our lives, there has been a widespread increase in stress injuries to the neck, spine and other major joints due to improper posture related to the use of computers and other electronic devices. It is important for parents to be aware of how their children are using these electronics and to ensure that they are not putting themselves at risk for injury while they are in front of the screen.Child at Computer

One way to promote proper computer and device usage for children is to set up their computer workstation to fit them. If the computer area is shared with multiple people, make sure that the chair and screen are easily adjustable for all users to work comfortably. Position the screen so that it is slightly below eye level so that your children will be seated with their necks in a neutral position while they are working. Purchasing an office chair and desk with ergonomics in mind is helpful.

Another important tip for parents is to closely monitor the amount of screen time their children are getting. If they have big projects that require large amounts of computer time, make sure that they are taking regular breaks to stretch their muscles, as well as staying hydrated so that they will not experience muscle fatigue from sitting in one position for too long.

Lastly, for kids who use cell phones on a regular basis, be aware of the stress placed on the neck, back and shoulders when sending frequent text messages. There have been many reports of tightened neck muscles, shoulder strain and even migraines caused by constantly hunching forward and looking down at small screens.

Being aware of the ergonomics of device usage will prevent the need for chiropractic visits long-term.

By Dan Cramer from Provo, USA ( – image description page) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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