Immediate Chiropractic Treatment Should Be Sought After Any Auto Accident

Kennesaw Chiropractor - KennesawPeople involved in a car accident should seek chiropractic consultation and treatment as soon as possible.  Whiplash is the most common injury incurred during a car accident and can cause chronic neck pain, headaches, and migraines.  If left untreated, the pain can persist for months or even years.

Even if you have no external injuries, the musculoskeletal system may have sustained serious trauma. Chiropractors, like Dr. Todd Supnick in Kennesaw are trained to diagnose the conditions associated with musculoskeletal trauma injuries like whiplash.

Whiplash occurs when the force of a rear impact collision causes the neck to rapidly “whip” forward and then back.  This movement causes hyperflexion in the upper cervical spine and hyperextension in the lower cervical spine. This type of cervical spine misalignment is the cause for neck pain and headaches.

Early diagnosis is important, since there can be a time lapse between the initial injury and the onset of symptoms. With delayed diagnosis additional damage may have occurred over time, exacerbating the condition.  If a prompt diagnosis is made and a treatment plan implemented quickly after the initial injury, many problems can be prevented and the body can then more quickly begin the natural recovery process.

People with pain after an accident often get relief from medication but this is not a long term solution as there is no treatment for the underlying condition. A thorough chiropractic treatment plan can provide long lasting relief by treating the misalignments that are the cause for the pain.

While we have primarily talked about whiplash from a rear end car collision however, any sudden impact in a car accident including front and side impacts can cause spinal misalignments to occur.

After any car accident, contact us at our Kennesaw chiropractic office as soon as possible for a consultation so that we can evaluate your condition and make plans to get your spinal health back in pre accident condition.


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