Get Those Kiddos Moving!

It won’t be long and ‘tis the season will be the season we are in. Between the Thanksgiving Feasts, and Roast Beast at Christmas, how is one to keep tabs on the waistline? While many adults battle the addition of the winter weight each year, what about the kiddos? We’ve seen the First Lady’s initiatives through the Let’s Move campaign, and we know that childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country. Fortunately, living in 2015, many of us have a smartphone and are ready to take advantage of those apps. Here are a few favorite apps to keep kids moving along with the adults who love them in Kennesaw and beyond!Canton, GA

Zombies Run

Let’s face it, zombies are a big thing right now. From television to festivals and conventions, there are a lot of zombie fanatics. With all things zombie, we couldn’t resist sharing the Zombies Run app. Fun for kids, and motivating for adults, this app will have you running faster than fast as you try to outrun the zombies that are surely on your tail!


Eat-And-Move-O-Matic allows children (and adults) to see the connection between food consumption and calorie intake. Input specific foods and you’ll find out just how long it will take to burn off those calories. This app is geared toward helping kids understand that small changes can make big differences.

NFL Play 360

The NFL has gotten involved in the movement to keep kids moving. Check out the NFL Play 60 app with promises to get kids moving in a fun running game in which they have to mirror the character on the screen.


GoNoodle is actually not an app. It is a web-based program designed to get kids moving. While it is primarily used in classrooms across the country for brain breaks, it is also perfectly acceptable for home use. Kids of all ages have fun with

Speaking of online, don’t forget to schedule your next adjustment with Dr. Supnick at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw. Keep that body aligned so that you can keep moving!

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