Extremity Adjustments to Manage Knee Pain

Are there ways to prevent knee pain? At the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw we’re determined to offer a few suggestions to help in preventing knee pain.

One key ingredient in preventing knee pain is to maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain can be hard on the joints. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise can help in maintaining the ideal weight for your height. Stretching before and after your workout is especially helpful when including cardiovascular exercise. Knee braces provide extra support if you are already prone to knee injury.knee pain

Adjusting nutrition habits may assist in reducing joint pain naturally. Processed foods can contribute to inflamed joints. Avoiding foods that have a refined sugars and that are high in trans-fats will reduce inflammation and pain. Suggested anti-inflammatory foods include organic fruits and vegetables, natural grass raised animals, wild caught fish, and organic eggs from range free chickens.

While maintaining an ideal weight through exercise, and eating a healthy diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods, it is still possible that you may suffer from knee pain. Chiropractic adjustments, including extremity adjustments, can help in keeping joints in line. Contact the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw to make an appointment today!

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