Driving and Back Pain

Back Pain - Kennesaw ChiropractotIt’s no secret that anyone living in the Atlanta area spends a lot of time in their cars. The average commute time for people living in the metro Atlanta region is over 30 minutes, the sixth longest in the nation. That is the average, so people who live in suburban locations like Kennesaw often have longer commute times.  That comes out to over five hours per week just getting back and forth to work, then you add on trips for lunch, groceries, taking kids to school and sports activities, etc..  That is a lot of time in a sitting position, in what is not always the best designed seat.

Most people are familiar with back pain associated with long car trips, but at Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we are hearing more and more complaints from people who are having back pain from the driving associated with just everyday use of their cars.

Why Driving Causes Back Pain

The mere acts of squatting to get in a car with a lower frame or hoisting oneself in to a larger SUV can put strain on the back. Then there is the act of sitting in the car seat once you get there. Most car seats do not usually allow for the lumbar curve in the spine.  Sitting upright in a car can make this natural curve non-existent and put strain on the muscles and ligaments of the lower back.  In addition, this position can cause pressure on discs in the lumbar region and potentially lead to herniation.

Even though today’s cars have sophisticated suspensions and shock absorbers, the spine is still jolted by bumps, potholes, and even sudden stops that you encounter in your everyday driving. The overwhelming popularity of automatic transmissions in today’s cars is actually a good thing for your spinal health as the constant use of a clutch in a car with a standard transmission can strain the lower back. In addition, many new cars have built in adjustable lumbar supports. Be careful though, do you have those supports set so that they are helping your back? Improperly set lumbar supports can actually cause or exacerbate injuries to your back.

If you have become a modern day road warrior, we recommend a program of regular chiropractic treatments at our office, located on Cherokee St. in Kennesaw. Dr. Todd Supnick will evaluate your condition and provide a treatment regimen of chiropractic adjustments to not only treat any existing conditions but prevent you from suffering from back pain due to driving in the future.

You can contact us at – 770-262-1909 or you can request a chiropractic appointment online here on our website.


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