Chiropractic Healing Process – How Long Does it Take?

Chiropractic Center of KennesawA common question in many chiropractic offices including ours in Kennesaw is, “how long does it take to get pain relief from chiropractic treatment”? Everyone knows there is no magic off button for pain relief, even though we all wish that there was one.

Many people say things such as “I just got this neck pain” or “my back just started hurting yesterday”. While this may be true, most people have simply not been aware of how stiff and immobile they have gotten over the years. While the pain wasn’t present, the stiffness and lack of flexibility was starting to creep in. This can be caused by countless hours on a laptop, iPad or even sitting behind the wheel of a car.

While you might not have felt pain, slowly your spine lost its ability to move correctly and your muscles shortened and lost their flexibility. It may have happened so slowly you didn’t even notice or maybe you did notice and chose to ignore it instead. Over time your body develops muscle imbalances and the mobility of your spine changes. What most don’t realize is that the shape of the spine actually starts to change and small problems with your posture become more set in and difficult to change without help. Sooner or later, you end up with pain and need to see a chiropractor.

Long term pain relief from chiropractic treatment takes time to work. Short term pain relief of an hour or two or even a couple days comes quickly. Changing your posture, changing your spines ability to move, and changing your muscle health and structure all take time. Muscles have a memory and your body wants to go back to its old patterns instead of creating new healthy ones. That is why adjustments need to be repeated again and again. Your body is learning new patterns of mobility and until the new ones can take over for the old ones, the changes from adjustments will be short-lived.

If you are living with pain don’t rely on short term pain remedies, schedule an appointment with our chiropractic office in Kennesaw and begin the journey to a long term solution.  You can reach us by phone at 770-262-1909 or use the convenient “Contact Us” feature on our website.


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