Chiropractic Care for Respiratory Problems

Chiropractor KennesawChiropractic Care has long been known for its success in relieving people of chronic pain, headaches, back pain, leg and arm pain and neck pain. Chiropractors like Dr. Todd Supnick in Kennesaw are concerned with treating the body as a whole and locating the root of the illness or injury instead of simply treating the symptoms. In addition to the skeletal relief that chiropractic care can offer, internal ailments can also benefit from care. One such ailment is respiratory problems including asthma.

Because chiropractors believe that all parts of the body are affected by spinal misalignments and abnormality, they believe that chiropractic care can reduce respiratory problems through spinal manipulative therapy. Asthma treatment is extremely costly with inhalers, steroids, nebulizers and other medicine not to mention the side effects of those medicines. Chiropractic care offers a drug free alternative that can reduce the need for traditional medicines.

So how exactly does this work? Realigning the spine can increase the motion of the thoracic cage, mobilize the ribs, enhance arterial blood supply and positively affect the nervous system. A chiropractor will take a thorough medical history before performing a physical examination to detect any misalignments. These misalignments are corrected through manual adjustments. Nerves from the spinal cord send information to all organs in the body. Nerves send signals to the lungs; diaphragm, trachea and nasal passages and any misalignments can interrupt the signals and lead to respiratory ailments or worsen existing problems. These realignments are also shown to reduce stress on the nervous system and physical body which in turn helps fluid to properly drain and breathing to ease.

If you suffer from respiratory problems including asthma contact our chiropractic office in Kennesaw. You can schedule a consultation where we can perform an evaluation to see if chiropractic care can help your condition. Call us at 770-262-1909 or use the convenient “Contact Us” feature on our website.


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