Chiropractic Care and the Winter Olympics

Kennesaw ChiropractorAs you watch transfixed at your television as Olympic Athletes perform what would be to you or I near impossible feats, don’t forget that they don’t get there by themselves. In addition to years of training under the watchful eye of coaches and trainers, there are additional factors at work including the use of chiropractic.

Inclusion of chiropractic care as part of the Olympic Village multi-disciplinary clinic at the Sochi Winter Olympics reflects how chiropractors have become a key part of an athlete’s training and recovery program.

Athletes train hard and endure significant physical demands. Throughout the years, chiropractic care has become a mainstay in the care of world-class athletes, leading to a growing number of chiropractors being included in the Olympic Games. Many athletes are sidelined with injuries that could be avoided, while others are still playing, but at less than peak efficiency simply because their structural system is not balance.

Remember that in the competitive sports world and especially at the Olympics pain-killing drugs are often not permitted as they can be considered “performance enhancing”.  The grueling level of competition however places an unusual amount of strain on the back and structural systems of Olympic athletes’ bodies.

Numerous athletes attribute the care they receive from their chiropractor, along with working with other health-care professionals, as a key to properly preparing their bodies to perform optimally.

The beauty of the chiropractic care for Olympic athletes is that chiropractic care is not only drug-free and surgery-free care, but also preventative and performance-enhancing care. Maintaining proper alignment will allow athletes to be prepared for their sport.

As with any patient, in athletes chiropractors emphasize manual therapy including joint adjustment and manipulation, with particular focus on joint dysfunction or subluxations. They consider the athlete as an integrated being, stressing keeping all the systems of the body functioning efficiently.

If chiropractic care is good enough for an Olympic athlete shouldn’t it be a consideration for helping you maintain your best physical health?

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