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Here, at Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw in Kennesaw, GA, we believe that it is mthumbs upuch better to let great work speak for itself rather than speak a lot about a mediocre job. We have a lot of patients walk through our doors on a weekly basis, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the positive impact we have on people’s lives. From alleviating them of pain that they have have for years, or just helping them lead a healthier lifestyle. Our passion is our patients! In recent months we have received a multitude of positive feedback on the care we give, and thought it was time to share the kind words! Check our what our patients have to say about our services.

  • “If you haven’t met these folks, then you should! I have got to tell you I am thrilled to have good people and a great atmosphere right here in my own backyard. Go see them and tell them I sent you!”
  • “Todd Supnick is a gifted Chiropractor who cares deeply for his patients. In his professional care you will thrive.”
  • “Most hospitable and generous staff. I drive 45 minutes out of the way just to see Dr. Todd. He is amazing, I’ve never been in better health.”
  • “Todd is wonderful and is the only reason I can keep doing my job on a daily basis, being a special Ed teacher lifting all day long.”
  • “Dr. Todd is the best! He’s the only chiropractor that I trust. We have been his patients close to 10 years! You will not be disappointed.”
  • “Wonderful experience. First visit to a chiropractor ever and it was more than I expected. I feel wonderful. This is definitely the place you need to come to.”
  • “Growing up with one leg longer than the other, has left me with scoliosis , which results in a lot of back pain. On top of that I have a disease known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia which causes extreme dizziness. I started seeing Dr. Todd in September of 2014, and in no time my back pain is so much better. And my dizziness has improved so much that I’m able to work more. For someone that is self-employed this has greatly improved my life. I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Todd!!”

Our Favorite Blogs from 2016

Happy New Year! We have officially said goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. The beginning of a newNew Year 2016 year is a time for reflection and a time to look forward. And the office of Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, located in Kennesaw, GA, is no different! We’ve written a number of blogs over the past 12 months, and in the spirit of the season, we would like to review some of our favorites! It was difficult to choose from so many, but we think we picked some great ones! In case you missed them, check out some of our best blogs from 2015!

  • Can Children Benefit from Chiropractic Care – The simple answer, yes! Just like regular visits to the pediatrician, children can benefit from regular trips to the chiropractor. See how chiropractic care can help your child!
  • 3 Tips to Help Prevent Back Pain – Chronic back pain is an ailment that affects millions of people, worldwide. If you are one of these people, this blog can give you the tools to manage that daily pain. Take a look!
  • Should I see a Chiropractor During Pregnancy? – We hear this question quite a bit, but getting an adjustment while you are pregnant has definite benefits! Find out what those benefits are in this blog!
  • Migraines Got you Down? – If you have ever had a migraine, you know that it can be completely debilitating. Find out what chiropractic care can do to help alleviate the pain.
  • 3 Tips to Manage your Stress – Stress is one of the most common threats to our overall health. Learn how to manage it, so it doesn’t manage you!

Avoid Holiday Pain With These Easy Tips

back painYou look forward to the holidays all year long, but holiday pain is not something you enjoy. Whether you are traveling to another state to visit family or simply shifting your schedule, you don’t want to deal with unnecessary pain. Use these tips to avoid the pain that can often come with the holiday fun.

Tip#1: Be Pro-Active

If you are normally in pain over the holidays because of a long car ride, plane ride, or different bed, be pro-active about the pain. Visit your chiropractor before you go on your holiday adventure to make sure you spine is in line. Perhaps consider a massage as well to get your body ready for unique opportunities.

Tip#2: Stretch

Stretching is always a good idea if you are susceptible to back pain. If you are on a long flight, stretch your back before, after, and during, if possible. If you are in the car, make sire you stop often enough to get out and walk a bit so you do not get too stiff. Stretching can help prevent the pain from settling in.

Tip#3: Utilize Support

If you get lower back pain after a long car ride, you might simply need more support. Find a pillow that fits your back nicely and use it to support your lower back so the pain doesn’t have a chance to begin.

Tip#4: Lift Smart

If you are toting heavy packages around, lift them in a smart manner using your leg muscles and not your back. If you have to carry a lot of bags around, shift them from shoulder to shoulder often.

If you are really in pain, take time out of the holiday to visit your chiropractor. You will enjoy your time with family a lot more if you are pain free.

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Knee Pain Got You Down?

Many people believe that chiropractic care is just about the back. However, at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we know that the back is only one area of the body. Dr. Supnick is experienced at treating the extremities of the bodies including major joints that carry the bulk of the body’s mass from day to day. One such joint is the knee. Just as living life with back pain is quite inhibiting, so is living life with knee pain.

Forms of Knee Pain

ArthritisChiropractic Center of Kennesaw

Two common forms of arthritis in the knees are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The decomposition of the cartilage around the knee is the cause of osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with the swelling and inflammation of the knee joints.

Sports Injuries

Whether participating in team sports such as soccer, football, and hockey, or individual sports such as cycling and running, all athletes are at risk of injury. This is true across the board for professional and ameteur athletes. Common knee injuries plaguing athletes include cartilage damage, sprained or torn ligaments such as the ACL, and torn menisci.

Shifted Pain

Another cause of knee injury can come from pain elsewhere in the body. At the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we have seen many patients over the year that have compensated for a foot injury, back injury, or knee injury by adjusting their walking pattern in order to reduce pain. Ultimately, when one is in so much pain that normal comfortable walking is not possible, the body is prone to sustain injury in areas that are not used to bearing the weight.

Dr. Supnick is an experienced chiropractor and fully capable when it comes to extremity treatments including knees. If you have found that alternatives such as pain killers are simply not releiving your knee pain, consider the power of chiropractic care. Contact us at 770-749-7594 today!

3 Tips to Manage your Stress

The holidays are a time of joy, love, and togetherness. But the holidays can also be a big source of stress. Between work and family obligations, people stretch themselves too thin during the holiday season, which can lead to many health problems. Stress isn’t just about feeling overwhelmed, but can lead to fatigue, headaches, back pain, and many other problems that impact your daily life.

So in order to ensure that you can not only get through the chaos of the holiday season, but actually get to enjoy time with friends and family, here are a few tips to managing stressful situations over the next few weeks.

1. Pad your schedule. One reason people get stressed is because they have too much going on. Make sure you include time in your schedule to take breaks and recharge so you don’t get too overwhelmed.Avoid Stress

2. Lean on your support system. While you’re surrounded by people who care about you, let them be a support system for you. Talk to friends and family when you’re feeling overwhelmed and ask for their advice in handling difficult situations. You may be surprised with the help you get!

3. Focus on the moments. Stress can come when we’re too caught up in the big picture and making everything work together. Instead, focus on each moment individually, and getting through that moment to the next one.

The holidays should be a time of joy and family. And if you can find ways to manage the stress that sometimes comes from the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy the time with friends and family, and make great memories to last until next year.

Here are more tips for handling the chaos of daily life.



Chiropractic Methods

Basic Principles of the Gonstead Chiropractic Method

The pelvic girdle forms the body’s foundation and when this is level there is balance and stability in the spinal column. When any of the hip bones or lower bones of the back becomes rotated out of position, startling changes happen. Rotation of these bones causes pressure on the discs separating the vertebrae.


Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw lobby.

Nature often kicks in and the body can adjust and re-position the bones into place; however, there are times when it too much for the body to adjust itself. The pads between the vertebrae will swell and protrude when there is a misalignment on the disc. A fundamental part of the Gonstead method is the ability to find these misalignments and correct them.

When the space between the spinal bones narrows or cuts off and kinks in your spinal column, it is called “subluxation.” The nerve ending becomes pinched at this point and interrupts the nerve signal which then causes pain, degeneration of the muscle and loss of function. The Gonstead application method is to adjust the back, removing pressure from the nerve and restoring joint function. The nerve function is restored as well as the nerve path which regains the ability to send and receive impulses.

Activator Chiropractic Method

The same conditions of the spinal column are addressed with the Activator Chiropractic Method as they are with the Gonstead Method. The difference is in the application of relief. The Activator is a technique using a spring loaded tool called, an Activator. This tool replaces the manual form of manipulating the spine and often reduces the jolting of the patient. The doctor continuously “pops” the vertebra with the activator until it has been realigned.

Both procedures have many followers. It appears it is one’s personal preference as each style claims to work best. For more information and to have your questions answered about restoring nerve function contact Dr. Supnick at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw.

Get Those Kiddos Moving!

It won’t be long and ‘tis the season will be the season we are in. Between the Thanksgiving Feasts, and Roast Beast at Christmas, how is one to keep tabs on the waistline? While many adults battle the addition of the winter weight each year, what about the kiddos? We’ve seen the First Lady’s initiatives through the Let’s Move campaign, and we know that childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country. Fortunately, living in 2015, many of us have a smartphone and are ready to take advantage of those apps. Here are a few favorite apps to keep kids moving along with the adults who love them in Kennesaw and beyond!Canton, GA

Zombies Run

Let’s face it, zombies are a big thing right now. From television to festivals and conventions, there are a lot of zombie fanatics. With all things zombie, we couldn’t resist sharing the Zombies Run app. Fun for kids, and motivating for adults, this app will have you running faster than fast as you try to outrun the zombies that are surely on your tail!


Eat-And-Move-O-Matic allows children (and adults) to see the connection between food consumption and calorie intake. Input specific foods and you’ll find out just how long it will take to burn off those calories. This app is geared toward helping kids understand that small changes can make big differences.

NFL Play 360

The NFL has gotten involved in the movement to keep kids moving. Check out the NFL Play 60 app with promises to get kids moving in a fun running game in which they have to mirror the character on the screen.


GoNoodle is actually not an app. It is a web-based program designed to get kids moving. While it is primarily used in classrooms across the country for brain breaks, it is also perfectly acceptable for home use. Kids of all ages have fun with gonoodle.com.

Speaking of online, don’t forget to schedule your next adjustment with Dr. Supnick at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw. Keep that body aligned so that you can keep moving!

Tis the Season for Holiday Stress?

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la…Well, the radio may be oozing Christmas music, and the department stores may be decked out in Christmas decor, but if you live with chronic pain this may not be such a jolly time of year. Added stresses of holiday shopping and to-do lists that seem to be miles long only add to the basic aches and pains that those with chronic pain experience. All of this seasonal and holiday preparing can cause headaches as well.Avoid the Stress

At the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw we have some tips that we like to share at the beginning of the holiday season. These tips are specifically related to holiday shopping. Two tips that we want to highlight include the fact that regular trips should be taken during holiday shopping, and if at all possible, do your Christmas and holiday shopping without children. Read on to revisit the details:

Take Frequent Breaks

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed while shopping. Don’t worry about fitting it all in at once. If you are unable to break shopping up over several days with trips here or there and you need to dedicate a whole day to shopping, here are a few tips to help out:

  • Stay hydrated. You may want to carry a water bottle with you.
  • Take breaks at least every 45 minutes. You may even want to take breaks more frequently, but taking a break to collect your thoughts, organize your list, and de-stress with a break away from crowds can help.
  • Add smart fuel to the mix. Skip the burger and fries at the mall’s food court and opt for a salad and fruit instead.

Shop Without Children

We are parents too, so we know that this one is not always possible. However, if at all possible take advantage of a sitter or family for your shopping expedition. With many of the stores getting into their busy seasons, they are getting more crowded. Taking the little ones with you can add a whole new element of stress to the mix.

Even when following these tips, there are still many other stressful side effects with the holiday season. The Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw is here to assist should you suffer from stress headaches or other aches and pains associated with holiday stress. Contact us at the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw for your holiday adjustment.

Migraines Got You Down?

They always come at the wrong time because there is no good time for a migraine. If you suffer from migraines, half the battle is knowing what triggers lead to the occurrence. Fluctuations in blood flow are known as part of the cause behind migraines. These fluctuations my be triggered by alcohol, sleep issues, medications, loud noises, stress, bright lights, or hormonal changes.

How Prevalent Are Migraines?Chiropractic Care

Around 37 million individuals in the United States suffer from migraines according to the National Headache Foundation. Throbbing pain, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, noise sensitivity, and light sensitivity are all associated with migraines. Some sufferers even experience sleepiness, neck pain, and a difficulty in thinking after the migraine is over. Unfortunately, there is no common cure for migraine sufferers, but there are options to help reduce the associated symptoms including chiropractic care.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Migraines?

Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive way to treat migraines. With chiropractic, there is no risk of side effects from pain killers. Spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation, which involves making sure that the bones and disks along your spine are in alignment, is something that chiropractors specialize in. When bones or joints are misaligned, pain and irritation can result.

Chiropractic care for migraines focuses on ensuring that the vertebrae in your upper back and neck are in the correct alignment. As a result, tension in the upper back and neck is released, and in many cases the risk of developing migraines is reduced. Spinal adjustments are also known to relieve stress, which is one of the common triggers that can cause migraines.

Is Chiropractic Care Effective for Migraines?

While results vary depending on the individual, chiropractic care has successfully reduced the occurrence of migraines in many individuals, as well as the severity of the pain these headaches cause. In addition to recommending chiropractic care, it is important to keep in mind that lifestyle changes may reduce migraines, as well. This may mean avoiding triggers and practicing stress reduction techniques. One of our favorite stress reducers is calm.com. Go ahead and take a moment to check it out for a quick break in your day.

Are you ready to try another method in dealing with those migraines? Contact the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw today!

Walk in the Park

At the Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw, we’re all about health and wellness. We believe that part of daily health and wellness includes daily exercise. Last year, we told all of our patients to, “Take a hike!” and shared some fun tips for getting out and getting active in the area. We have had so much fun encouraging everyone to take a hike, that we wanted to remind you that living an active lifestyle can be a walk in the park.

Again, walk the park is a common idiom like take a hike. And while it may refer to something being easy, we literally want to tell you to take a walk in the park! With the American Heart Association recommending at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, we think that taking a walk in the park is a great way to work toward that goal.

Hike Kennesaw, GA

Whether you hike or walk, you will be working toward getting the suggested amount of physical activity. To help encourage you to get out and literally take a take a walk in the park, we’ve got some helpful suggestions:

1. County Parks

There are plenty of opportunities to visit parks in Cobb County. With 38 parks listed in the Cobb County Parks and Facilities Directory, there are plenty of locations for more than just walking to take place. Facilities exist for soccer, softball, play, and more!

2. National Parks

Kennesaw is home to a park maintained by the National Park Service. If you’ve not stopped by Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, then you are in for a treat. This is a great location for those that like a little more difficulty in their walk as a walk up the mountain is more like a hike. We should also mention that this is a great day trip for history lovers.

3. Walk for a Cause

Atlanta is a great location for numerous 5K events. These are a great way to help raise funds and awareness for a variety of organizations. Check out this database of local 5Ks for running or walking. Exercising is a great thing, but exercising for a cause equals two great things!

If you have questions or concerns regarding chiropractic care, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And let us know if you have any favorite parks or suggestions to help our patients take a walk!