Back Pain? Neck Pain? Leg Pain? – It Could be Nerve Irritation

Kennesaw ChiropractorIf you have back stiffness, neck discomfort or maybe leg pain, the issue could be coming from nerve irritation. People regularly mistakenly blame their muscles for discomfort or numbness when it could be from a nerve. Unless the nerve is treated by a chiropractor, the pain may persist as treating just the muscle pain is only treating the symptom. The pain is most often caused by a spinoff of nerve irritation in relation to a misalignment or injury of the spine.

The main signs of nerve irritation are discomfort, insensitivity and tingling. The most common cause of nerve irritation is trapped nerve fibers. It’s very important to consult a trained chiropractor so that as to go about healing an injury safely and permanently.

A trapped nerve is the most common sort of nerve irritation and happens when a nerve exits the spine and becomes pinched between two bones or maybe compressed by a bulging or otherwise unhealthy disk.  A chiropractor can use the location of the pain to find the source of the pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in the neck can cause tingling or pain in the shoulders, arms and hands. If the pinched nerve is in the back, like sciatica, the pain or tingling will occur in the legs and feet.

The most common chiropractic technique for treating a pinched nerve is by spinal manipulation. Different types of adjustments will be used depending on the cause and location of the trapped nerve. The exact treatment will be determined after a consultation and review of your condition by Dr. Todd Supnick at Chiropractic Center of Kennesaw.

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