Avoid Holiday Pain With These Easy Tips

back painYou look forward to the holidays all year long, but holiday pain is not something you enjoy. Whether you are traveling to another state to visit family or simply shifting your schedule, you don’t want to deal with unnecessary pain. Use these tips to avoid the pain that can often come with the holiday fun.

Tip#1: Be Pro-Active

If you are normally in pain over the holidays because of a long car ride, plane ride, or different bed, be pro-active about the pain. Visit your chiropractor before you go on your holiday adventure to make sure you spine is in line. Perhaps consider a massage as well to get your body ready for unique opportunities.

Tip#2: Stretch

Stretching is always a good idea if you are susceptible to back pain. If you are on a long flight, stretch your back before, after, and during, if possible. If you are in the car, make sire you stop often enough to get out and walk a bit so you do not get too stiff. Stretching can help prevent the pain from settling in.

Tip#3: Utilize Support

If you get lower back pain after a long car ride, you might simply need more support. Find a pillow that fits your back nicely and use it to support your lower back so the pain doesn’t have a chance to begin.

Tip#4: Lift Smart

If you are toting heavy packages around, lift them in a smart manner using your leg muscles and not your back. If you have to carry a lot of bags around, shift them from shoulder to shoulder often.

If you are really in pain, take time out of the holiday to visit your chiropractor. You will enjoy your time with family a lot more if you are pain free.

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